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well guys i want some input on my hometheater setup. I have had the speakers for over 6 years now, they are still great expecially the sub

I would of got a bigger lcd tv but this was at the right price point, bought it about 2 years ago. The projector is brandnew, and the grandview screen is about 6 years old. I dont have a bluray player but the popcorn hour plays the movies very nicely on both the tv and projector.

The video is hooked up by hdmi and the audio is through optical cable.

the amp is another really good deal, i think the price was 600$ and it was there last unit off the shelf and they sold it to me for 250$. i forger which amps i was looking at when i bought it but they all were 600+


Sharp 42 aquos

optoma hd66 frontprojector

100in. grandview screen

audio: (all of the speakers a paradigm)

fronts: Monitors 7

Center: cc270

Surrounds: adp-170

sub: pw-2200

Amp:Sherwood r771


Shaw motorola hdtv receiver box

popcorn hour a110



ill try to post some pics tonight or monday
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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