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I am looking for a very cheap microtax case.. the apevia x-master looks good but it's not very pretty lol... then i found this case:





It's italian. I want to fit in 2 3.5" HDD, a mATX mobo, a bluray drive and a full-size PCI hauppage pvr 150 tuner card (I can't find what type of PSU it uses)


How big is the case as compared to apevia x-master?


this case also looks good:




not sure how loud are all these cases... i want a silent system


I am thinking about buying a pico psu if i buy a case without PSU... how much power will i need?


my specs are


core i3 4130

kingston 1600mhz 2gb ram

mAtx mobo (not decided which one yet)

hauppauge pvr 150

bluray drive
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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