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Razer Pro 2017 V2 color calibration, Windows Instantly resetting NVIDIA colors

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footage of the phenomenon - youtu.be/VqpPnuHhOmU
Something seems to be instantly resetting any adjustments I make to my color profile, the exact same happens in windows calibrate display (When I don’t allow NVIDIA to have control) and anything else which adjusts the image. The problem seems to be deep-rooted into windows 10, or I’m just missing a setting and being stupid. I’m new to color calibration!

It’s almost as if there’s something constantly and automatically adjusting the color to a specific setting.

almost new install of Windows 10, I haven’t messed around with many settings however on my old version of windows I think there was still this problem. I’ve shrugged it off until now as I need to calibrate my laptop.

Computer – Razer Blade Pro 2017 V2 (4k 100% Adobe RGB), however no Razer software. Screen model – LQ173D1JW33

Calibrator – Colormunki x-rite

Would really appreciate any help!
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Would really appreciate any help!
Hi Sebastian,

Laptops don't coming with calibration controls to give you capability to change RGB balance using OSD controls, you can control only backlight. Its not recommend to change your VGA output as you are doing to the video, just adjust your backlight to get your target luminance (leave 10-15% more nits which will be reduced later when your white point RGB balance will be corrected) and proceed with profiling.
Like Ted says, don't touch the Nvidia (or AMD/Intel for that matter) controls. They only adjust the color in software (change the bits that are sent to the display, not the display itself), which DisplayCal resets because it has to access the display out untouched. You can only adjust the backlight, so at least do that to ensure that you correct only for color and not luminance.

The only laptops I am aware off that offer hardware access to the displays are Apple macbooks (even the earliest macbooks), but probably only in OSX. (It would be cool if the DisplayCal authour could figure out how to access this in Windows when running Bootcamp)
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