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I know that I am probably the only person on this forum that plays RB6-2 (and I am addicted!), but just to let you know, there will be an update soon (maybe 6/30/08) that significantly adds to the game. My friends in the UK tell me that UBISOFT has updated the game via 1.03 patch that will elevate ranks in the ELITE status to numbers, i.e., elite 12 or elite 15. Also ACES now go up to 100 instead of 20. The game now alerts you to grenades a la COD4. You can play a harder realistic (no respawns) and less view from cover. You can now select random respawns or respawn with in a certain area. People in the UK cannot join games for those in the states unless you update. The update should upload automatically at the start of the game. I also hear UBISOFT has a map upload (for $ of course) to include 2-4 maps.

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Very nice! Thanks for the update. I'll have to start playing it again - ever since I upgraded my harddrive it wouldn't let me copy my old data so I had to start over again

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Originally Posted by TonyLukes3 /forum/post/14164051

Very nice! Thanks for the update. I'll have to start playing it again - ever since I upgraded my harddrive it wouldn't let me copy my old data so I had to start over again

I would sheat myself if that happened to me! I have 1,171,000 EXP points!

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I just heard the more realistic mode or hard core mode adds NO health Regeneration and limited view with cover. cool.

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Here is an official announcement. THis sounds fantastic!

"Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that Ubisoft will be releasing a Fan Pack to all Rainbow Six fans. I am also here to give you better insight and clarification on what the Fan Pack contains:

The Fan Pack includes an Update for the game and DLC (downloadable content). The first thing that may come to mind is: Is this free? Yes it is, including the DLC. This pack will be available via Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and ubi.com in July 2008. You can find out more about the Fan Pack in this video.

*** Update Features ***

New Ranks

An additional 99 Elite Ranks have been added for bragging rights. For those of you who are already Elite, you may have noticed that your XP continued to accumulate while playing. Once you have the update, your XP will automatically be applied towards the new Elite ranks, so it is possible that you have already ranked up multiple times past Elite.

New A.C.E.S.

A total of 100 A.C.E.S. are available for each category: Marksman, CQB and Assault. Each A.C.E.S. level past 20 will reward you with 5000 XP that applies to your rank. For players who have already reached A.C.E.S. 20 and continued to collect A.C.E.S. points, you will be happy to know that the update will automatically advance you to the level you have earned. For example, if you have enough A.C.E.S. points to reach Marksman 25, you will automatically be at Marksman 25 and earn 25000 (5000 x 5) towards your next Rank.

Grenade Indicator

When you are within the damage radius of a Frag or Incendiary grenade, an indicator will appear on-screen telling you which direction it is. The indicator can show multiple grenades at once.

Weapons & Gadgets Balancing

Here are a couple of notes about Weapons and Gadgets:

Explosion delay of the incendiary grenade has been increased

Detonation speed of the C4 has been slightly increased

Increased the damage of Sniper Rifles at long range

Increased the base accuracy of the Light Machine Guns

Adjusted the rate of fire for some of the Assault Rifles, Shotguns and an SMG

Sped up the time it takes to zoom in & out with weapons, making it more responsive

To better clarify: the zoom for all firearms have been significantly sped-up and you can now fire DURING the zoom transition.

Respawns in Team Deathmatch - Host Option

An added host option has been added for Random Respawns. Random Respawns OFF will play like the classic Versus style where each team spawns in their designated Alpha or Bravo base. Random Respawns ON will have your players spawn randomly throughout the map after they die the first time.

Voice Chat - Host Option

Added as a host option for Player Match & System Link, players now have the option to talk to their team mates while dead.

Score in Deathmatch

Displayed on the bottom left of the HUD in Deathmatch, players can now see their score along with the top opponent's score.

Team Leader - Spawn Change

Players now respawn next to the leader by default, unless players specifically choose to spawn back at the base.

Show Dead Players in Lobby

Players who no longer have lives remaining will now have a skull icon displayed next to their name in the pause menu.

Terrorist Hunt Spawning

Terrorists will no longer spawn right in front of you or behind you, or in a room you just cleared.

* * * * *

High Stakes Setting

High Stakes is a host option for every Versus mode that really pushes tactical gameplay to the next level. Here's a detailed description of High Stakes:

Limited HUD (High Stakes)

The Radar is disabled. Enemies will not be visible on the Tactical Map (back button on 360/select button on PS3). Grenade indicator is disabled.

Health System (High Stakes)

Health regen is disabled. If you are shot and close to death, you'll enter a visual state of critical health (screen turns monochromatic).

Cover System (High Stakes)

The cover system as been changed in High-Stakes mode to encourage players to peek instead of pop-n-shoot. The camera has been moved so your character cannot look past their cover unless they expose themselves around a corner.

Weapons & Gadgets (High Stakes)

Aim Assistance has been completely disabled. Bullet spread has also been increased when not zoomed-in (you will notice your crosshair indicators are much wider when not in zoom). Realistically, a person holding a gun would have better aim when zoomed-in than when he's walking around. This encourages players to really take aim instead of run-n-gun. Also remember that the zoom time has been sped-up and you can now fire WHILE you zoom in and out. Players now have less ammunition (1 for each gadget you choose and less clips for your guns) so you really need to play conservatively and rely on precision use of ammo.

Kill Camera & Friendly Fire (High Stakes)

Kill Camera is always disabled and Friendly fire is always enabled.

*** DLC ***


There are three maps included in the free DLC: Murdertown - Dark, CQB Training - Dark and best of all the much-requested fan favourite Calypso Casino! The three map layouts have not been changed. The re-lit Dark maps have a very eerie atmosphere, and may require players to use night vision to spot enemies. Calypso Casino returns with updated lighting and textures. The three maps are playable in all Versus modes and Terrorist Hunt.

This Fan Pack is dedicated to all of you in the Rainbow Six community. Everything in this update and DLC comes directly from you on the forums, private messages to us and even matches the team has played with you all online. We'd like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and feedback. See you online!

Gamertag: UBI LevelUp

PSN ID: UBI_LevelUp"

I hear july 3 for the usa update
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