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Going with either the RBH MC-6 or BIC FH8-w. Still up in the air and would like some feedback.

Here are my thoughts:

--The RBH's are more expensive, but I'm getting a bit of a deal so I could swing them if they're going to be THAT much better.

--The BIC's have 8" drivers vs 6.5" on the RBH.

--The RBH center is the MC-414, which has dual 4.5" drivers; the BIC setup would use the same FH8-w speaker for the center (8" driver).

The system is for a living room, so in-walls are required for space purposes. The sub is an ed a2-300. The room is for 70% TV/movies and 30% music.

Your opinions appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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