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RBH Sound CinemaSITE First Look

by Audioholics.com

When I first saw the RBH Sound CinemaSITE at the 2004 CEDIA show I was instantly captivated by the sheer genius of the product. For years it was only possible to get the elegant look of a custom home theater by either a) having a one-off custom wood-worked cabinet designed and, or b) utilizing an existing furniture solution that allowed integration of speakers on shelves. The problem with either of these solutions can be summed up by a factor of cost, inconvenience and severely compromised sound quality. The RBH Sound CinemaSITE on the other hand has been completely designed from the ground up to serve as a custom install solution for housing their Signature Series line of in-wall loudspeakers. In addition to being sonically designed to hold the RBH Sound in-walls, the entire system is laid out in a way that makes installation a breeze. Try that with a custom product!

A Tour of the RBH Sound CinemaSITE Custom Home Theater

Just exactly how does one go about creating a "custom" home theater system from scratch? Well, for starters it's important to have solid goals. RBH Sound set out to craft a system that didn't just simply hold their in-wall speakers. They wanted to address a complete custom solution that took into account a simple installation process, speaker selection flexibility, and a design concept that would allow their Signature Series in-wall speakers to closely mimic an in-stud installation without any CinemaSITE cabinet resonance to produce optimal audio reproduction quality.

Our review system included components to put together a full 5.1 system, including the main front piece and two side surround columns. The CinemaSITE can be custom configured into almost any type of system - from an entry level SI-740-based 5.1 system to a full-scale T-2 equivalent 7.1 configuration. Here are the current loudspeaker options:
  • CinemaSITE 5.1 System

    Starting at $17,900/system

    System includes:

    CinemaSITE front wall and two rear columns

    5 each SI-740

    2 each SI-12/P


    Additional column (no speakers): $1,349/ea.

    Upgrade 1 each SI-740 to a SI-760: Add $176/ea.

    Upgrade 1 each SI-740 to a SI-6100: add $1,476/ea.

    Upgrade 1 each SI-12/P to a SI-1010/P: add $370/ea.

The system configured in this review utilized three SI-6100s, two SI-1010P subwoofers (with dual SA-400 amplifiers), a pair of SI-760's for surrounds and a pair of 41-SEs for Back Surround channels.

>Read the First Look Article
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