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I am interested in purchasing an HDTV and am new to the technology. At one time I almost purchased the Pioneer Elite PRO610 but held back for better pricing. Noticed the RCA 68310 at circuit city, and the picture looked very impressive. The price point and the inclusion of the decoder makes it even better. I have a few concerns though:

1. How is the quality with RCA? I understand they are run by Thomson electronics, and I previously have not thought much of RCA albeit this opinion is not founded on any technical analysis.

2. The resolution is 1080 X 1440 (not 1920). Is this a big limitation?

3. Are there any other significant drawbacks with the RCA?

4. I heard that Pioneer was coming out with a new version of their Elite lines, and may also be more competitively priced. Not sure if this true or not. Certainly, if the RCA and Pioneer were priced the same, I would pick the Pioneer based on their track record. However, the RCA picture did look very nice.

5. Is there a better choice of HDTV at the $3200 price point?

Any suggestions, insights, experience from this forum would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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