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RCA TV's since 2010 are manufactured and sold under brand/trademark license from technicolor by ON Corp a

SO.Korean company who manufactures LED TV's in China under the RCA

brand .
"RCA is positioning itself as a high-quality value brand, and would be pricing its products slightly higher than Westinghouse Digital ".

As to whether On corp. actually manufactures the sets or contracts

manufacturing I don't know at this time.

TCL and or their subsidiary TTE Technology was the manufacturer from

2004 - 2010 in various places including Mexico.

TCL was the 4th largest producer of TV's in 2012, just after

Samsung, LG, Sony. -wikipedia-

TCL manufactures for ,Samsung and other brands as well as their own

TCL’s Jianpeng “Conan” Jiao told Display Daily that TCL terminated

its licensing deal to sell TVs under the RCA brand because TCL

wants to push its own brand in the U.S. market.

Technicolor, which owns and licenses the RCA brand, may have an

alternative interpretation -HDTV magazine -

Prior to 2004 RCA ,Proscan and GE sets were made by Thompson consumer

Electronics, and or various subsidiaries and or contract mfrs.including

some in Taiwan and Mexico . Proscan is now licensed and manufactured by by Funai

as are Emeson.Magnavox,Sylvania and Philips -Wiki-


RCA brand and trademarks are owned by Technicolor .S.A ( formerly

Thompson S.A.) and Sony Music Entertainment.

On January 27, 2010, Thompson S.A. changed its name to Technicolor,

re-branding the entire company after its American subsidiary.

RCA was originally an American and eventually a multinational company from 1919 to

1986. They were pioneers in radio and TV and developed NSTC electronic color TV

as well as the superheterodyne radio that was the basis for modern radio.

At one time they were the largest consumer electronics

company ,a major computer and appliance mfr. as well as a large

broadcast equipment ,record company ,military and industrial mfr.

and a major producer of vacuum tubes and semiconductors .

they also invented the 45RPM record. and pioneered many

recording and broadcast breakthroughs in TV radio,tape and records

At one time they were one of the

world's largest companies.RCA was the parent company of NBC for

many years.

RCA was acquired by GE in 1986 , the consumer electronics division

was later sold to Thomson consumer electronics of France .

The music business went to Sony . NBC stayed with GE.

NBC in 2012 was sold by G.E.to Comcast

The RCA brands and various trademarks are currently owned by

Technicolor and Sony music Their TV's are currently manufactured in

China by On Corp a so. Korean Co.

sources HDTV magazine, RCA,TCL,Funai , Wikipedia

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