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RCA DTC-100 & DirecTV ESPN HD - Is the audio now OK?

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As has been documented here since DirecTV first offered ESPN HD, the RCA DTC-100 has exhibited sporadic audio dropouts from only this channel. After waiting what I considered to be a reasonable time for the problem to be resolved, I contacted DirecTV and RCA about the issue.

In the last month, or longer, I have not noticed any audio dropouts on DirecTV while watching ESPN HD on my DTC-100. I'm wondering if others have the same or different experiences.

Please reply to this topic only if you are currently using an RCA DTC-100 and have recently watched ESPN HD.
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I watched for about an hour Sunday evening and heard no audio dropouts in that time.
Same here, no problems with the audio on ESPN-HD on my RCA F38310 with built-in DTC-100 for what seems like a month. Looks like they have fixed it!
I watched the football game Saturday night with no problem.
2 F38310's with built in DTC-100's and no dropouts for almost a month here.

Ken H,

I haven't noticed any dropouts on ESPN-HD, but I do have a question regarding the DTC-100 and DirecTv. Since you have contacts with them, is there any way you can find out if the DTC-100 will be upgradeable via firmware for their future birds?

Thanks, and sorry for going off topic.
Now that the ALCS is over, I finally had a chance to watch some ESPN-HD as this topic is one that has annoyed me for some time. Fortunately, one of my favorite teams (WVU) was on tap tonight. No dropouts and I watched a big chunk of the game, but no commercials. I still want to watch some World Series of Poker though, as that is where I last heard it. Interesting the view count on this topic. Relatively low.

I have not noticed any audio dropouts with DirecTV on any channels using my DTC-100. I believe the decision has already been made, the DTC-100 will not be upgraded to receive the new satellites but of course if Ken has an inside contact, maybe he can point out there are still a lot of DTC-100s subscribed and working. I know I am planning on continuing to use mine regardless but would like to have it upgraded if possible.

I have had no dropouts this fall on either the standalone DTC-100 or the one integrated into my F38310. I had one audio dropout in August, but that may not have been the same problem. My thanks to Directv and/or ESPN for solving this problem. I am a happy customer of ESPN-HD.

I am definitely not counting on the DTC-100 to be able to get 5 LNB's of Ka and Ku. Hopefully D* will have some sort of receiver upgrade program for customers wanting HD LIL next year.

No dropouts here for a month or so now. In fact, I'm not sure when the problem stopped. Just happy that it did! Thanks to whoever fixed the problems.

Now that the dropouts are fixed maybe that can work on the audio sync delay with ABC and ESPN HD.
As with other issues for many members, when there is a problem they make noise, when all is well, no comments are necessary.

Sounds like this is a dead issue, pun intended.
Can the F38310 / DTC-100 bring in the 101, 110, & 119 sats?
Originally posted by 01-0800
Can the F38310 / DTC-100 bring in the 101, 110, & 119 sats?
Yes. I'm using a DCT100 in one of my bedrooms and it gets the same HD and standard def channels as my newer receivers.
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