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Hi, I have an RCA LCD that we'll end up putting up in a bedroom but for right now it's replacing my Mits 55907 that is in the shop to have some work done. I'm trying to set up my HTPC to work with this TV but I am using a HD15-5RCA connection that I was using on my Mits but nothing seems to work on this display. I have tried all different resolutions (I use powerstrip with my mits to keep it at 1776X1000) but 1920 X 1080 doesn't work, 640X480 doesn't work. I have the inputs on CMP1 and CMP2 and both result in an "Unusable Signal" from the TV. Anyone know if there is a way to get this working? Normally I wouldn't mind but I'm looking to buy a Samsung LED DLP and I figure I'll prolly have this problem then too so wanna figure this out first. Anyone have any info I would sincerely appreciate it.

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