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rca plug question

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Logitech is shipping me new Z5500 5.1 speakers to repleace my previous Logitech Z680 5.1 speakers. (One of the channels went out on my Z680. Its under warranty so they had me send back the control pod and they are shipping me their upgraded version which is the Z5500.)

I already have all my Z680 satellites mounted on the ceiling and wired in the front and back of my home theatre room. I don't want to take them down. I'm planning on just using the new 5500 subwoofer and new control pod with my already exisiting satellites from the Z680.

The issue is that Logitech changed the new satellites with attached speaker wire with RCA 1/8 male plug ins which connect to terminators on the back of the powered sub. THe Z680 was designed for use of regular speaker wire. I have my exisiting satellites wired with 16 guage speaker wire and need to attach RCA plugs to each of the ends to connect to the new subwoofer.

I have never done this and not sure what plugs to buy. solder or solderless? Where does the negative go in the plug? Where does the positive go in the plug? And I don't have a solder. Will it be better to just take down the old satellites and use the new ones with their attached 18 guage wire and get RCA extenders? Seems easier to just attach RCA plugs to each of the ends of my already existing already wired 16 guage. There will be a total of 5 plugs I need to attach. One for each of the satellites.

Thank you in advance.

Austin, TX
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It is relatively easy to attach RCA plugs. You can buy them at any Radio Shack. Typically you would connect the negative to the shield and the positive to the center pin. It sounds like you will have to purchase a soldering iron and solder. You may want to use the web to find some notes on "How to Solder" if you haven't done this before. Speaker wires are much less critical with your soldering than if you were soldering a PC board with small components.

In the long run if the soldering seems intimidating, you may want to reconsider remounting the new speakers.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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