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RCA STB7766G1 ir blaster repeats channel

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I have an RCA STB7766G1 that I have finally hooked up and started using.

Unfortunately it isn't working for me. If I attempt to go to channel 4-1 the replay enters 44 instead of just 4. The RCA box will figure out that when it is told to go to 4 it needs to go to 4-1. However it looks like the ir blaster is sending each channel slightly to long causing it to repeat.

I am using 0790 for the IR blaster, and all the commands seem to work from it other than the fact that they are being sent to long.

I have looked at the link on Digital Networks site that concerns fine tuning the IR blaster settings, I've tried messing with all the delays in there with no luck, but if someone has something specific for me to try I'm happy to do so. I've also seen the article on Digital Networks that talks about this exact problem with Motorola or General instruments cable boxes but that doesn't seem to fix it.

Any ideas?

The one think I haven't tried yet is one of the guides for replacing the IR codes, I wasn't sure if that would let me just shorten the message being sent easily?

Thank you for any help,

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I have the same problem with a universal learning remote. It sends the power on signal too long and the tv will not recognize it. I have to point it at an angle so it doesn't get the full signal for too long. You might try moving the ir blaster further from the sensor. If you are using the ir blaster that has two emitters then I would definitely only have one emitter near the sensor and let the other stay behind the device.
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