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Rca's DTC-100 . . . output resolution ???

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Can anyone post the output resolution for a DTC-100 on the VGA port (hight X width at ??? Hz ).

I am connecting the DTC to a Electrohome Marquee 8000 using the VGA out and I am STILL trying to find the best resolution settings for my HTPC

Right now I'm using 1024x768 at 85Hz . . . and I'm sure its not the recomended res. for DVD playback . . . help

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Native resolution on the DTC-100 is 1920x1080 at 60hz, well that's what my set said it was when I hit the display button to show what the input was.

For non-HDTV, The DTC-100 outputs 540p @ 60Hz. Most displays, will 'see' it the same as 1080i.
Yep - just to clarify - the [email protected] signal shows only on Hi Def channels.

It is an interlaced signal.

The [email protected] version is the one used for all the standard defintion

channels. It is a progressive scanned signal.

Any OTA 720p channels are converted to 1080i by the receiver.
I own a RCA F-38310JX4 from June of 2001, what is my HDTV putting out; it has the DTC-100 built in fully integrated with Direct tv receiver also built in.

I have 13,169 hours on the odometer. All tests have come out to be OK from test service menu tested monthly. TIA :)
hob - I would assume it is just like the "regular" DTC100 - 540p on SD channels, and 1080i on HD channels.

Thats the spec from the tuner to the display. The dot pitch on your display makes the "effective" HD resolution somewhat less than 1920x1080.
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