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Rd-xs32su Recording Problem

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I have hard time to record the TV program from Toshiba DST-3100 to Toshiba RD-XS32SU according from the installation book explain I follow up but the sound work not the video comes in.

Thank you

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What are the connections between the two units?
line one green,yeiiow,white RCA Cable
"line one green......"

Don't get this one at all. You are in the U.S? Do you mean RED + white (for audio) and yellow (video) or are you mistakenly using a green component cable somewhere in the mix perhaps?

Whatever colors you're working with...if you're recording the audio successfully...try another video cable.
I mean line 1 & 3 in the back line 2 in the front. Red + white for Audio &

yellow for Video I try all line one at a time with deferent cable no Video
Not sure what you mean , but you must use one "set" of connections. Use one SET of outputs going into one set of inputs. (You can't split it up on one machine between a front and back input/output). Since the audio is working, make sure you use the CORRESPONDING video output on your source into the input which CORRESPONDS with the audio input you're using on your recorder.
Sounds like a problem with the 3100. I'm not familiar with the input/output on this unit and more importantly, the setup configuration.

Have you previously been able to record from the 3100 to any device other than the XS32? If so, what device...what connection?
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