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Going to re-do my HTPC. What do I need, software wise.

I think going with Linux would be fun but I don't know that much about it. Here are my requirements:

Fast Boot

DVD movies, add blue ray in future.

Music mp3, FLAC , cd

HDMI w/ audio

Remote control from an XP pc using VNC

Will be connected to Receiver with HDMI then to 50" Plasma

MB has Dual core and 7.1 audio

Anyone willing to guide me through this?

Thanks all

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Google your receiver and TV model numbers +linux to see if they're going to give you trouble. If not, then XBMC will be all the software you need.

EDIT: Actually, the best indicator of how much work you would have to put into it would be booting the XBMC Live CD and seeing how much works "out of the box". Also, 7.1 still isn't supported yet AFAIK.
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