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re: Sony HS10 s-video input is black and white

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Why is the s-video input of my Sony HS10 only giving me a black and white picture on the projector?



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Hi Richard,

Normally the s-video input should be full colour, so I think you have something wrong in your setup.

Heres a few suggestions that might cause this:

- faulty s-video lead, might have break in colour signal wire. Try different cable

- colour system set to NTSC/PAL when playing the opposite system ie NTSC signal through a PAL input can do that. See menu and set colour system to Auto

- colour/tint/hue settings in menu could do that if wildly off. See menu and adjust to close to stock settings or calibrate

- could be faulty projector. Try other inputs like composite or component, may help to isolate. Also try different sources like DVD/video. May give some clues.

Thats all that comes to mind; good luck!
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I would agree bad S-Video cable. I have had the same thing happen with my direct view T.V. By twisting the bad cable gently around the connector area my set would produce color or BW . Time to try a new cable. John
A lot of the time this is caused by bad seating of the connectors at either end. Also, if you are going through a receiver or processor make sure that's not the problem....
Check your video player. I have an old Pioneer DVL 909 and if I select component output in the player's menu, the S-video and composite are in B&W. If I select S-video/composite output then I get full color.
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