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re-thinking equipment placement

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...before I get too much further.

I'm really having second thoughts about where my receiver, DVD, etc will go.


My wife pointed out yesterday that a cabinet on the floor near the current wall connections will be quite close to the entry door. As I pondered this I started thinking about the closet in the back (southern end) of the room as an alternate location. There are some obvious advantages to this set up, since I really haven't figured out what to do with the components yet anyway.

The immediate concerns I would have with moving the setup around:

1) remotes won't work. I don't even know where to start on solving this part of it

2) closet has no vents, is on the second floor, and has a window facing south ... in Florida. It'll get hot in there.

3) I'll have to re-wire the room - this is a relatively minor issue compared to the two above.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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I would build (or have a pro build) an equipment rack to the rear of the room. It could either be recessed into the wall or built out. You Can build a cooling system for it, or buy the type used for computer servers that have cooling systems. You could have an electrician wire a dedicated 30 AMP circuit to your amp/equipment rack to give it plenty of juice (which achieve your goal to re-route your power to where you want it as well). Then use a Xantech wired IR repeater system to control all the hidden equipment that is in your rack. You will then not see distracting LED and LCD lights, just see the film and your equipment will stay cool.
Thanks, I should have updated this post. I built a rack for the walk-in closet and bought a MX600 RF remote. Tomorrow we're pulling all the wires back to it.
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