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My bar / restaurant currently has about 20 tv's and we are adding a few more.

The Current setup is a rack system with 2 Comcast boxes and 10 Dish (football package).

All of the tv's have a single coax cable running to them from the AV area.

Comcast... you can put the tv on 14 or 17 to pick up one or the other box.

Dish... same idea, each is numbered and when you put a TV on that channel you get that specific box.

There are also the switchers involved that are ancient.


Run a Single HDMI to each tv.

Have 4 working comcast boxes & 8 HDMI dish boxes.

Depending on what channel i put the tv on it will pick up X signal.

What kind of switches do I need to make this happen? What is the best/ easiest cleanest way to do this?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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