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Well, Here I go...

Launch Pad: Toshiba TW65X81; Denon 4800; Toshiba 5109 (Progressive DVD); JVC VHS-ET digital; 6.1 Speakers; 2 Sony 300 CD changers; LAN hub for 4 PCs.

Launch Site: Warren, NJ (moutainous NJ regardless of what people think... NJ is not all refinery's and sea/land cargo containers.

Mission: Adding: OTA HDTV; Dish Online HDTV with 6000 Box; Starband Data link for 2-way internet; Personal Video Recorder.

Should the site survey prove I have line of site...MISSION WILL BE GO:


1. Do I get the DVDO Plus? (ok no brainer)

2. How do I wire the whole mess?

- only 2 component inputs to Toshiba RPTV

- how do I seperate HD signals from satelitte to non-HD

signals to go through a DVDO?

- Does the Denon pass-through HD signals? Can I use it for

HD switching? Should the 5109 go through the Denon?

Should the DVDO sit between the Denon and the RPTV?

3. Where do I get all of the Equipment, with the best price?

4. Who in North Central NJ has experience with OTA and Satellite

HDTV AND Starband Satelitte DATA?

5. What else am I missing in this config??

6. What else can you share with me?

READY 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1... Begin


We'll burn that bridge when we get to it...
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