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I'm currently running my SXRD rear projection unit in the STANDARD picture setting mode, with tweaks made to the picture and brightness after running a calibration disc...still, standard DVD upconversion looks pretty horrible from my Panasonic Blu-ray player (doing the upconversion to 1080p) -- and I know that setting the player so that the Sony does the upconversion will yield slightly better results, but I still would like to get this screen tweaked even further...

I would like to switch from the STANDARD mode to the CUSTOM settings, as everyone recommends, but I have gotten so many conflicting calibration setting suggestions from countless sources that I don't know where to start...let me begin by saying that my set is a 50" SXRD which isn't part of the company's Wega or Grand Wega line; there is a simple SXRD logo on the upper left corner of the surround bezel of the screen, and I believe the model is the "A2020" or something in that family...it is also the model with the three picture presets known as CUSTOM, VIVID and STANDARD....there is no CINEMA or PRO to be found here...

Switching over to CUSTOM, can someone please suggest good calibration numbers to get a cleaner picture from my DVDs? We sit about six feet from this screen and the home theater is in an apartment's living room with no problems of ambient light or anything like that, if it helps. I know many people have suggestions for the different settings under CUSTOM, but can someone please lead me in the right direction in terms of PICTURE, COLOR, BRIGHTNESS, HUE, and all the other advanced settings this mode allows?

Right now, we're running the STANDARD mode with picture (contrast) at "80" and brightness at "54" while all other settings are in the default middle of "50" such as color, hue, etc. This seems to make upconverted DVDs exhibit "bleeding" deep rich colors with a ton of twitchy "macroblocking" in the background shots on these discs...there are a ton of annoying video artifacts as well, and I know this has a lot to do with a bad DVD transfer at times and the way my player is upscaling these discs, but I can't help but think that calibrating the set via the CUSTOM mode can only help make these discs look better at least...

If someone can suggest calibration values for the CUSTOM mode, based on the VIDEO 6 HDMI input which my Blu-ray player is connected to, I would greatly appreciate it...
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