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Real theater seats and bass shakers: how are they mounted?

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I have a set of seven old theater seats that I have laid out in two rows (3 front, 4 back). I want to attach bass shakers (probably Buttkickers) to the front row (I'll do the back row when I get more cash).

The front row of seats are attached to a 1" thick piece of plywood, not a true riser but just a way of anchoring the seats. I have the plywood on sliders so I can move the seats around if I have to. The seats are metal-frame and have an upholstered padded seat and backrest. The seat part folds up when not being sat in.

My question is: what is the best way to attach my shakers? Do I attach directly to the bottom of the metal fold-up seat, or should I attach it to the piece of plywood? Has anyone done this before with old theater seats?

Since the front row isn't on a true riser (it's only 1" thick plywood), I can't attach underneath the plywood (facing the floor). Rebuilding the platform higher isn't a good option because that would mean I would have to raise the back row even higher, and people would be banging their heads off the ceiling, which is low.

Any suggestions? I want to be able to take advantage of this power buy!
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Is there a way you can attach a 'kicker to the top of the platform? That'd be ideal, so long as you can isolate the platform from the floor somehow to allow it to shake.
 http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=532822 see post #22

I just received mine yesterday and used the same design. It works perfectly!
Thanks for responding, Jack.

I think I could bolt it to the top of the platform, under the seat so it would be out of the way. I worry that they could get kicked under there, what kind of "footprint" do these things have? Are they pretty sturdy? Also, Does anyone have the approximate dimensions? Also, are the mounting bolts/screws very long? I only have so much room to work with beneath the platform, the sliders add about a half-inch of space between the platform bottom and the floor itself.
Thanks dreamhost...there is a lot of ingenuity on this forum!
You should get all you need from that thread above, great one! I'd bolt it under a chair toward the back a bit and use rubber isolators to keep the platform off the floor (very important). They're very sturdy, being a reinforced metal oval. You should be fine with the screws they give you.

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