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RealDVD Software Banned for Copyright Violation
Preliminary injunction bars manufacturing and selling of the $30 RealDVD software.

A federal court has ruled that RealNetworks' RealDVD software, which rips DVDs and stores copies on a hard drive, violates copyright laws and the CSS (content scramble system) license agreement with the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA).

U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Patel has issued a preliminary injunction that bars RealNetworks from manufacturing and selling the $30 software.

The ruling may also prevent RealNetworks' Facet DVD player from being sold. The movie studios argued that RealDVD violates federal laws by encouraging consumers to "rent, rip and return" rather than buying DVDs.

RealNetworks claimed consumers have a fundamental right to copy DVDs for safer and more convenient storage, adding that the RealDVD software contains piracy protections that limit consumers to just one copy.

"We are disappointed that a preliminary injunction has been placed on the sale of RealDVD," RealNetworks writes in a statement.

Patel was the judge who shut down Napster in 2000 because of copyright violations.

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