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Rear proj. screen material

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Just wondering if anyone is using a front projector in

a rear projection setup?If so what are you using for

a screen and do you fold the image using a mirror?

I have tried some different materials and I'm just

wondering if anyone else has done this.

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Hi Sil,

Just a handful here that I know of, and I plan to as well. Do a search and you'll find lots (but not too many) of interesting threads.

I'm curious, what materials have you used and what did you think of them?

I 've only tried it for drive-way concerts.

I have a big piece of shier fabric that is about the same size as my double car garage door opening I'm hoping to have a concert real soon, it's still worm at night here in southern Cal.

Great! there is someone out there.

Noah I did a search (using rear screen material) and came up with

zero.I tried key words like fresnel lense and again zero.

The material I've experimented with is a product from G.E. Plastics,

and seems to work very well.So far I've only tested a small piece

(basically 36 inches wide by 21 inches tall) this is due to the fact that

the roll we had in the shop was only 21 inches wide so I cut off 3

feet and hung it horiazontally.When compared with a consumer

rear projection T.V. the image was comparable.

It's basically a translucent piece of plastic that looks just like

sandblasted glass.It's .020 thick,and from what our distributer

tells me it comes in 48 inch wide rolls(ordered 15 feet today).

When I get it I'll do a proper setup and see a full picture.

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I've used this stuff before from Home Depot and was very happy.


It comes in 4 x 6' sheets for 20 or so bucks. I ended up putting it on a sliding glass door that a friend had left over after after a french door honey-do. We cut out one side of his little yard shed next to the pool and mounted it there, it was perfect, but the sun got to it and bubbled it up so I'm not sure if you outdoor experience will be as good as mine.

Here's some advice though. 1. For such a small size screen, if your projector is above the center line of the window and you are seated below, you WILL see a very bright hotspot. I've got a sony 400q with 400 lumens and was squinting. Mount the projector below the screen so that it's lightpath is going up. Make sure to create a screen wall of some sort so that your maksing will block the projector from all possible angles that people will be watching from. 2. Make sure there is nothing white anywhere near this lightpath as a bothersome out of focus blob will appear.

Hope this helps, I only wish they made this stuff larger.

Ohhh yea, don't put the frosted stuff on a mirror either. You will not get the perfect screen with 200% gain - you will however get a hot molten ball of white fire with an lcd, not sure what you crt folks will experience...

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Hmm, the search doesn't seem to work except by user name. Do a search on posts by visualcnc; there will be lots of hits, so you'll just have to find sift through the threads having to do with rear screens.

Briefly, though, you may want to take a look at the flexible materials from Gerriets and Harkness Hall. May favorite was the Harkness Hall High Contrast, because it's a medium darkish gray for good ambient light rejection. $15/linear yard off of a 54" wide roll IIRC.

Good luck
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