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Rear Projection CRT or LCD

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Ok, I am about to go out today and drop some cash after extended shopping around.

The 2 choices I have are the Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE620 50" LCD RP or the Toshiba 57H84C 57" CRT RP.

Now the picture quality is good on both, with the obvious edge going to the Sony.

My concerns have to do with the $1000 cost difference between them and the fact that the Sony will probably have to have 2 bulbs replaced in the next 3-4 years (so the sales guy told me).

I would like to have as many opinions as I can....ASAP, this cash is burning a hole in my pocket!

I want my HDTV!!
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Well my 2 cents is:

The Toshiba will last longer, need less repair and give you a better picture.

Will also save you some cash. The downside is you'll have to converge the picture once a year...will take about 20 minutes.

Bring to the store with you a copy of "AVP" dvd. Have them play it on both

tv's you might change your mind about which has a better picture.

That's not just my 2 cents but my absolute biased opinion.

Toshiba owner:)
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The CRT vs LCD (or DLP) has a lot to do with your viewing room situation. The best overall PQ is probably a well calibrated CRT. But CRTs are not great choices if you have a lot of ambient light or side viewing angles. Another consideration is that size does matter (57" being better than 50"). And above all, go with whichever looks best to you.
Can you take the protective screen off the toshiba? If yes, it is the winner if you watch TV with any light- no reflections.
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