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Rear speaker location

  • Ceiling of living room at 12' high (Green Position)

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  • Back upper wall of living room ~10' high (Blue Position)

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  • Ceiling of kitchen at 8' high (Red Position)

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Rear speaker placement dilema (pic inside)

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I posted this in the speaker section, but only got replies from one guy. While his advise seemed good, I want others advise as well on my situation. Hopefully this forum will help me some more. I need to make a final decision this week, as I plan to install the speakers next weekend.

I have in-wall speakers for everything except the rears in my living room/ makeshift HT. One of my current rear speakers has given up the ghost, so it looks like it is time to follow suit and put some in-walls in this location as well. I have done a good deal of research, and I think I have decided on speakercraft AIM8's. I was so impressed by the AIM Cinema One’s I recently put in the front, I am confident in sticking with speakercraft for the rears as well. My only dilemma (if it even is one) is that I want to put these in the upper back wall of my room. There really is no vertical wall for the first 9’ since it is open to the room behind it, but the top 3’ of the vaulted part of the ceiling does have a vertical wall with ample clearance for a deeper in-wall speaker like the AIM8 is. I know this speaker was designed as an in-ceiling speaker, but would there be any disadvantages to placing it vertically in a wall facing forward as opposed to horizontally facing down?

Here is the current setup. I would like to put the speakers on the vertical wall (blue location). But if that is a problem and the speakers would work best pointed down, I can put them in the top of the living room ceiling near the back (green position), or I can put them in the ceiling of the adjacent room slightly behind the living room technically, but in the same area (red position). Also, keep in mind, these are aimable, so I can point them in some extent towards the primary listening position in any of the proposed configurations..

So would putting the speakers on a vertical wall be problematic?

It may also be worth noting that even though I have side speakers as shown in the picture above, I have decided not to use those since the primary seating position is a few feet behind those speakers, so they are not ideal for side surrounds. And the wife has dictated that rearranging the furniture is not an option, therefore changing the seating arrangement such that the side surrounds would be ideal is sadly out of the question..

So the rear speakers that this thread is about are going to be the only rear speakers in the room (17.5' x 17.5'). I am using a 7.1 configuration, but it is 5.1 + heights.

To me, it seems the benefits of it being in the blue position seems like it will keep the sound in the room better, and also would allow for people in the side walls seating positions to hear the surrounds better. The pic below shows the front of the room.

As you can see, there is a couch along the right side wall, and a chair on the left side wall (you can only see the right side of the armrest in that pic). I want these positions to be able to hear the surround effects too. I know they will be a bit skewed towards the side they are located on, but there is no avoiding that anyway.

Thanks for any help or input everyone!
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Call 1-800-STEPFORD. Problems solved. You can put the furniture anywhere you want.
LOL well until we can get a house with a room for a dedicated theater, its gonna have to be a compromise. Plus I only have a 7.1 capable receiver at the moment, so I cant run all 9 speakers I have now anyway. I actually have grown to appreciate the heights since Ive put them in. I couldnt go back to a standard 7.1 system with sides and rears... Next receiver I get will definitely be a 9.1/2 so I can have it all!
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I was one of the votes for the kitchen ceiling (red zone). Any time you're fitting audio / video into the main multipurpose living area of the house you're going to end up making compromises. I have some of the same issues but not quite as bad. You're lucky in that the rear channels are probably one of the most forgiving because of the sort of information they carry. You should be fine with the red location and a little setup.
True true.. I am glad to see some votes here now. Looks like the red position is probably gonna be the one I end up going with. Thats also the one the other guy in the speakers area was advocating too. Thanks to everyone who is voting. Makes the deciding factor pretty easy with such agreement.
Why can't you place them in the Columns?

While I realize there not equal distance away from your side (ceiling mounted) speakers, it shouldn't be a problem.

From what it looks like, your main viewing area IS centered between those columns.

Will they fit recessed into the top of the columns?
I could put them in the columns, but the actual main (single) seating position is centered in the middle of the room. This was the one thing I got to make sure of in the furniture layout of the room. I have one seat in the primary position and that is where I sit for movies. I have a huge problem with non symmetry. I don't know what it is, it just bugs me mentally. You have no idea how much it irritates me that the columns are not centered in the beck of the living room there. (Unfortunately I did not build this house, I bought it used and it was already like that.) Otherwise, as you suggested, the columns would without a doubt be the home of the rear speakers! But then, we would not have this thread to all put our 2 cents in LOL.

I would still place the surrounds in the columns and use your receivers levels and distance control to even it out.

The rear surrounds are very forgiving and i think it would not only look better but sound the same as the "Red position" as well.

If you were talking about a 5.1 and side surrounds i wouldn't do it. These are just rears and I think it would work fine.

I would certainly try. Have some buddies over and have them hold the rears up in the columns and see how it sounds.

Good Luck!
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I may try to have a couple people hold them in a couple positions if I can. Thats not a bad idea just to try it out. I still think even if it sounded the same, it would drive me even more crazy with just knowing the fact that they are lopsided LOL
Welp, I just measured, and the columns are definitely not a possible solution. The columns are 11" wide, and the speakers are 12" diameter. DOH! So much for that option...
One more bump just for any more input. I plan on installing these tomorrow or the next day.

Originally Posted by chevychad /forum/post/19463124

Welp, I just measured, and the columns are definitely not a possible solution. The columns are 11" wide, and the speakers are 12" diameter. DOH! So much for that option...

You could build out the columns with additional lumber. Replace em with new columns. Are they structural? Covering a metal column? If it's just a hollow box for appearance that can be reworked pretty easily. But not as easily as poking a hole in the kitchen ceiling.
Well, there are more to those columns than what you can see in that picture. On the other side of them in the kitchen there is a pantry/ cabinets and drawers built in between the columns. If I were single, I may consider such a project. The wife wouldnt go for that though unfortunately. And anyway, as you said- poking holes in the kitchen ceiling is a lot easier!
Ok, the speakers are in. I decided to put them in the ceiling in the kitchen in the red position. The deciding factor ended up being that if ever I get the speakers I REALLY want (speakercraft TIME) they will go right into the same cutouts as the AIM8's. But for now, these will work good I think

Thanks for the input everyone.
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Oh, thought you were going with flush mounts like the rest of the room. Never mind, that should work just fine for the rear channels. I actually had the option of mounting my surrounds at ear level on the rear wall but chose to place them 9' up on a 10' high wall in a room with an 18' ceiling. My tradeoff was driven by aesthetics too. The rear channels are pretty forgiving. Enjoy!
Well, once I put the grill on, they will look flush. I am leaving them off for now until I get them aimed just right.
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