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Rear speaker placement

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While I once in a past life had some reasonably decent sound equipment (Apogee's, Krell, Martin Logans etc) I have been moving around too much last 13 years to really have anything nifty in terms of sound.

However seems like I will stay a bit longer where I am today so thought I would set up a little AVS system and I would love to have something that sounds somewhat decent both for music and movies.

Not planning to head into the super high end again though, but listened to some of the stuff in a shop today and I thought a surround setup they had with Dali Ikon (6MK2s on front, Ikon 2MK2's on rear) sounded decent both on music and movies.

Problem for me would be the rear speakers. I don't really have that much space and due to room layout, my "tv sofa" is really all the way into the rear wall at the moment.

Landlord does not allow me to make any holes in the walls/ceiling which makes mounting on walls a bit tricky as well.

I can see some sites saying it is ok to have rear speakers on stands pointing directly towards the listening positing, but not sure how well this actually works in this case.

Surround systems is not something I have an awfully lot of experience with so does anyone has recommendations for a way to set up rear speakers in this case or possibly a different speaker system which has decent front speakers for music but a bit less massive and easier to set up rear speakers than then ikons?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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You "could" buy another set of Ikon towers. Then you don't need stands.
If you get small enough speakers for the surrounds, the holes used to mount them should be small enough to be in the realm of "hanging pictures on walls." I hope the landlord at least lets you do that?

And surround speakers are not "rears" unless you're talking about the sixth and seventh speaker in 7.1: surround backs.

If you're referring to the fourth and fifth speaker of 5.1, then those are surrounds, or surround sides. As such, they should be most to the side of the listening position, 0 deg to 20 deg behind you per your tastes and placement options, a little bit above ear level.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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