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I am new to this forum, and in fact, this is my first post.


I need some help mounting my Samsung HT 4530 Keyhole rear speakers.


I bought a dynex adjustable 2 pack wall mount kit

I installed the wall mount on the wall with screws, Now I am trying to the install the screw through the wall mount post inside the keyhole speaker using the nut provided in the wall mount installation kit, however, it does not fit. So my questions are-


1. Can these speakers actually be mounted using the wall mount kit?


2. If not, what other ways are there to mount these rear speakers on the wall? I don't like the idea of just hanging it like a wall clock. It won't be safe IMO



The regular screw that comes with the mounting kit- 8-32 5/8 machine screw with a keyhole hex nut. I am have also tried 6-32 6/8 machine screw, but the hex nut for it does not fit either. What smaller size screw and nut can i get to make it fit? Seems like if nut can fit the keyhole, the screw can tighten in and it might work.

Essentially, what I gather is that, the nut has to go through the keyhole, so when the screw goes through the mounting post, the screw can be tightened inside the keyhole and the mount post sticks to the speaker. It can then be connected to the mounting bracket on the wall.


Please advise?



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