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I puchased a Sony 52W3000 last month so now the money hemorage has begun as I start to upgrade the audio system to match this outstanding TV.

I am hoping to get some advice on a solution for surround and rear speakers. I currently have excellent front speakers and an old but outstanding sub-woofer. I plan to use something like an in-wall Polk TC2651 for a center speaker mounted just above the 52W3000.

The configuration of our family room and my wife are both very unfriendly with respect to locating surround and rear speakers. As a result, I am thinking about in-ceiling speakers. We have a high 12' ceiling. The distance from the TV/front speakers to the seating location is also about 12'.

-Do the surround and rear speakers need to be very high quality units or will moderate quality/expense units such as the two way Polk RC651 (6.5") or RC851 (8") be sufficient?

- My thoughts are to mount the surround speakers directly above the seating location and the rear speakers about 6 feet behind the seating location. Is this solution viable or am I wasting my time?

I would certainly appreciate some thoughts about this plan. It has been a lot of years since I focused on my audio systems so I have long since lost a feel for the equipment that is available.
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