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Hey all!  It was suggested on another forum that I come over here to find some help.  In a couple months, I'll be moving into a new house, and I think it's also time to start looking at getting some new speakers for my sound system.  Currently, I've got some RCA speakers from a "home theater in a box" set that I've been using.  I think the center and front speakers are starting to give out (they're at least 8 years old now) and I'd like to retire them.


What I'm looking for is decent sounding, possibly floor standing, left and rights, and a matching center.  Ideally, there will also be similar "bookshelf" speakers that I can attach to ceiling mounts (eventually) for my back and surround channels.


I've got a decent (I think) receiver (Onkyo) and a Polk 10" powered subwoofer, so those I'm good with.


I'm not looking to go full-out THX certified, just looking for decent sound.  The room these will be going in is going to be open on one side (the right) to the dining area and kitchen (which is why ceiling mounting will be needed)


As for price range, I *might* be able to get the wife to let me go as high as $5-700 for all three speakers...

Yeah, I know.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you,

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