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Rebate - UPC code is where?

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Gathering all the info for the rebate but where is the UPC code they want written down on the form?

On the ReplayTV outer carton there is a bar code with "RTV3030" on it and then the serial number + its bar code.

Then another barcode half hidden by a ReplayTV 30 Hr Sticker with a number under it...

Which do I use?

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Check this thread for more info on the UPC strip...




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I had the same problem on the ReplayTV 3060 I recently got from Mercata. Someone, I think Mercata shipping, stuck another label over the original UPC code on the ReplayTV carton label. I checked with Mercata customer service and they send me a note on their letterhead saying the UPC code was obstructed. ReplayTV said that was OK and to include the Mercata letter with my rebate form.


Dave Evans

Austin, Texas
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