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Reboot Hangs @ Swirl Screen: Disconnecting ALL cables fixed my 5040

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Last night in the middle of a comercial while watching the Boston/NY game live, I was checking the shows recorded on a remote replay and my ReplayTV rebooted. This seems to happen about once every week or two if I've got IVS transfers in progress. When it came back up again it hung when it got to the "swirl screen". I did a soft (front-panel) reboot and it hung again. I disconnected the power for a few minutes, and it still hung at the swirl screen. As a last resort, a I disconnected ALL cables for several minutes. This time it worked! And I got it up in working just in time to record "Lost"!

I'm curious as to how many of you have seen these two problems:

1. System reboot while looking at a remote unit's Replay Guide (with or w/o IVS transfers)

2. System hangs at swirl screen after a reboot
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There could be other reasons why your unit hung, but given your

symptoms and where it was hanging, my experience would lean

towards your unit not being able to contact the RDDNS server during

bootup, either because of network, DNS, ethernet, RDDNS server being

down, etc. problems.

At the end of bootup, your unit tries to update RDDNS server if you have

IVS configured. If it can't resolve rddns-production.replaytv.net or can't

contact your DNS server, it will hange there for a while (maybe 10 minutes)

but eventually it'll start responding to remote again if you just let it sit.
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I forgot to mention that when it hung at the swirl screen, I let it set for 5-10 minutes, and couldn't get it to turn off even by pressing the front panel button. The blue LED and the swirl image both remained on. All the other times my ReplayTVs have hung in the last 21 months, pressing the frontpanel button has turned off the blue LED and/or turned off the video image.
Originally posted by steverap
... 2. System hangs at swirl screen after a reboot
I had this happen while I was installing a new ReplayTV that had never been used before. Everything was working fine until I did the second Net Connect to get the newest version of the software (144). After the software download it asked me to reboot and then it froze at the swirl screeen with the same syptoms you described. It froze after every reboot until I unplugged everything from the back of the unit. I thought I had a bum unit.... Keep in mind that there were no recordings or any other units attached to the network and obviously no IVS's going on..

My 2 cents

Byrd Dog
If it happens again, try just removing the network cable and rebooting.

If the network cable is not connected, the networking layer of replay

is shut down and can't affect the boot.
I agree with sfhub and I've even documented the same problem/cause here. It was more like the replay won't timeout when trying to get the network connection. I think I left it running for 50 minutes before discovering a bad port on the switch. Once I swapped the ports the replay continued to boot. This problem has existed for a while.

You could be seeing the same thing.

BTW I think I would have kicked the crap out of my replay if it rebooted during the live broadcast of any of those games. Good thing I have 3 backups and that would never be my ONLY source of watching. =)
I had the same problem tonight and came to this site to figure out what was wrong. I removed my network cable as suggested and the unit is now active. My TV Guide is still blank. I've been trying to update the guide but can't connect to the service. Is the Server down tonight?
Any of you guys ever configure your replay for WiRNS and then not run WiRNS 24/7? This will get you the exact results stated too. The problem is the replay is looking to get network info and the information it has to use to verify the network is linked to the WiRNS server. If the server isn't running you'll get the freeze.
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