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I am in the process of building a Home Theater here is the build thread.http://www.avsforum.com/forum/19-de...ruction/1518903-northern-arizona-build-3.html

I am now wanting advise on what DIY speakers to use in this build. The room is 24.5" long and 12" wide It will have 2 rows, two seats up front and 3 in the back the screen will be a AT 130" wide 2.35 screen. My budget for speakers is about 2K this needs to cover the 4 surrounds and LCR. This budget does not include the subs. I want sound that will impress most people that visit the theater. With that said no one who will come is an audiophile. I was leaning to the cinema 8s as the LCR and doing some version of the Volt 6s as the surrounds. I just need advise if this will be a good combo or if the Fusion 8 would be a better match for the Volts

One last thing that is or may be an issue the side surrounds are going to be in columns and with how narrow the room is it makes the columns stick out no more then 9" They can be wide about 18" wide but they need to be somewhat thin. Is there a version of the volt that can fit into this type of column
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