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I just purchased my first ever set of high end audio equipment for a HT and am amped! (pun intended)
The only thing missing now is the perfect Amp to compliment it. The problem is I am a total noob…

My setup is the following:
Rti8 front towers
Rti4 surrounds
CSi3 center
Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector

Its in a 14' x 12' room that opens up into another room of approx. the same size.
Mostly for tv/sport/movie with the occational music/game application.
HDMI will all be running directly from projector into the receiver and all of the inputs will be running through the receiver: Cable, Apple TV & Playstation (all HDMI) & Maybe a Wii (VGA).

What should I look for in a receiver to make sure the following is possible:
to get the most out of these speakers, what stats do i need in a receiver?
Make sure the HDMI directly from the projector to the receiver doesn't get downgraded from 1080P video & sound?
Make sure the HDMI & Wii VGA works?

Bonus Questions:
Do I need a dedicated sub with the Rti8's?
Will I need sound dampening?

I am located in Calgary AB Canada

Thanks so much for everyones help in advance!
Much appreciated.
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