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This is my first post. I have enjoyed reading through the forums, but not having bought any serious AV equipment for a number of years, so I am confused by the features I read on various pieces of equipment. I am in need of advice.

I am in the midst of new construction on a home. My electrician is wiring the house for 8 zones of whole house audio (both interior and exterior), with two of the zones wired for home theater sound. All speakers will be in wall, or in ceiling, and I have purchased the 11 pairs of the HTD HD-R65 speakers. I have not yet chosen subs.

I am looking for a Sirius/IPod/Internet ready receiver that can serve as the hub of my system (or a suitable alternative). It is likely that I will have a lot of audio and video content on a PC or Mac, and we haven't yet made a decision on cable vs. satellite. Given my other expenses associated with the construction, I would like to stay at or under $1,200 (USD).

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. I will watch this in case anyone needs additional information from me in order to make recommendations.

Thanks in advance,

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