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Hello All,

Currently I have an Pioneer Elite SC-37 Driving 2 B&w CM10's, CM Centre 2, and 2 Cm1's. The CM 10's are using the ch 6 & 7 to biamp them.

My question is am I doing my speakers injustice my driving them with a AVR? Will I hear a noticeable difference using my SC-37 as a Pre with an external Amp like an Emotiva XPA-7 or XPR-5? I could also go the route of putting a pair of Emotiva XPA-1's to drive the CM10's and use the SC-37 to drive the center and rears. Lastly should I just upgrade my AVR (for better internal amps. I am not worried about feature set)

I don't want to dump a few grand into a project like this if the results are not going to be well worth it, but if you all feel it is a noticeable difference maybe it's worth it.

Thanks in advance.


Pioneer Elite SC-37
B&W CM10's
B&W CM Centre 2
B&W CM1's (rear channels)
Epik Empire (probably going to be replaced with twin HSU VTF-15h Mk2's)
Sony kDL52XBR5
Oppo 103D
Thorens TD-125 MKII w/ SME 3009 S2

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A quick Google shows the CM10s to be fairly sensitive (90dB) speakers, and according to S&V testing the SC-37 puts out 125W per channel, all 7 channels driven, into 8-ohms @ 0.1% distortion.

IMO, you're not doing your speakers any sort of injustice by using the SC-37 to power them, and overspending on external amps would provide little to no benefit.

(And if you did want to experiment with external amplification, an Emotiva XPA-200 ($499) for your mains - or an XPA-3 ($799) for your mains + CC - would suffice.)
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