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Hey guys, i recently purchased a Parasound HCA-855a amp and i am extremely happy with it. Makes my CF-70s and CC-10 come alive with authority.

Heres my concern, as it is, im using my Yamaha 667's 12v output trigger to power on the Parasound. When i hit the power on the 667, the lights flicker and the amps display on my Panamax 5300 jumps up to round 6 - 6.5 amps then settles at around 2.7 when it finishes powering up.

A friend of mine says it would be better (as well as safer since the 5300 doesnt have a voltage regulator he says) to use the 667s trigger to the 5300 so the amp can undergo a soft start when its powering up. In my current config, i have the receiver and amp in the 'high current' outlets and i never turn off the switched outlets.

If i switch the trigger to the 5300, i would switch the receiver to a 'always on' outlet and when i power on the receiver, it will startup the switched outlets, including soft starting the amp in the high current outlet. Is this a better way to start up the components like my friend says or am i thinking too much and/or being paranoid?

Thanks for your time.

PS - I have 2 computers and a AC running on the same circuit, which is why im concerned. I cant add another circuit atm. =(
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