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Hey guys,

I have read a few threads on this forum in the past 10+ years and have finally created an account. I am curious what the benefits would be by adding a receiver to my HTD Level 2, 2.1 system. I have the Level 2 towers and sub. The towers are powered by their 2 channel amp and the sub is powered by their 200rms mono amp. Everything works and sounds pretty darn good IMO.

1st Issue:
I have my first input channel on my 2 channel amp wired to my TVs aux output and my second input channel wired to my laptops aux output. I tend to keep my TV (most frequently used) volume at "20/80" and use the 2 channel remote to control the volume if it needs adjustment. Now that I have added the sub/amp, the "volume" of the sub tends to stay at the same level regardless of the 2 channel volume which is understandable to me. What I mean by this is that the two towers' volume will increase and the sub stays at the same level (sub blends well with the towers with the 2 channel amp volume @ 1/4, but if I increase the 2 channel amp volume to 1/2, the sub is more or less drowned out)

2nd Issue:
Also, if I have the "Auto On" switched turned on on either or both amplifiers, they stay on consistently regardless if my TV is on or not.

I am thinking that adding a receiver will allow me to set the gain on the sub amplifier, set the volume on the 2 channel amplifier, set the volume on my TV, set the volume on my computer, and adjust the volume on the receiver to increase the volume of the towers and sub simultaneously. This will more or less eliminate my previously described "1st issue" if my assumptions are correct. Will this also fix my "2nd issue" by having a signal from the receiver designate when the amplifiers should turn on/off with the "Auto On" switch enabled on both amplifiers? With a "nice" receiver, I should be able to use an equalizer and other options to fine tune the audio as well.

If a receiver will fix both or one of the two issues, I will look into purchasing one. If that is the case, what are some reasonably priced (~$200 +/-) receivers that will accomplish fixing these issues? Thank you for your help. I hope I described all of that somewhat coherently.
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