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Receiver for ~ $500

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I'm looking to have a home theatre setup in the basement of my house. I am going to be getting a set of Paradigm monitor 7 speakers, and haven't decided on the centre/rears but most likely the CC190 or 290 and the titans for the rear. I have an HD cable box, xbox 360 and will have bluray in the future as well. This is all displayed through a 52" samsung 1080p lcd flat panel.

So my question is, what would be some good receivers to consider for this setup? I plan on also getting a sub in the future and I hear great things about SVS. I'd like to spend about $500 on the receiver, but I will go over that budget only if it is well worth it. What type of power output should I be looking for? I was thinking around 90-110w rms (I know some manufacturers will overstate their numbers).

The use for this will be mostly TV/Movies and gaming, and music as well.

I live in Toronto, so if anyone knows good places to get deals locally or even online, please share them with me.

Any help is much appreciated!
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I just set up a system like what you're ordering. Monitor 7's, cc190, didnt get rears or sub yet. I went with the onkyo sr606, as it provides plenty of power and has dts-hd master audio and dolby truehd for the bluray. I personally didnt find it to be worth the extra money to upgrade to a higher end receiver with this level of speaker. ie. Entry level 'pro' grade speakers, entry level 'pro' grade receiver. My .02
I have been in the same boat for a while, i have the pioneer 1018, onk 606, yam 663 and sony 920 and im sure some1 will toss out the HK (224?) Everytime I decide I change my mind.
Yea, i have a ps3, so the HK 254 is out (too many firmware issues atm). I've heard nothing but bad things about the lower end sony lines, so I just stayed away. The onkyo was on sale at CC, so it was 100 less than the pioneer, plus 1 extra hdmi input I liked. I like the sound of the onkyo and pioneer the best, so for me I decided on price of those two. I dont see the pioneer having any real advantage other than less heat (the onkyo runs HOT) but i'm not in a tight space so it has plenty of air around it making the heat a moot point. If heat matters and price is similar, I think I'd do the pioneer. Onk is prob going to be cheaper though.
Another thing, with the onkyo you will have to spend around $100 for an iPod dock (if you use iPod) and the pioneer has a usb port. I am having a brain fart and cant remember if you can control the ipod on the pioneer via USB like you can on the onkyo with the dock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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