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Receiver for Boston Acoustincs CS226

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After some research I came to the conclusion that building your own HT is better than a HTIB. Now, this will be my first real HT so I'm starting with moderate equipment to get to know my stuff. My goal is a 7.1 setting with everything (sub, amp, eq, receiver, I already have the blu ray).

By coincidence I came across a great deal for a pair of Boston Acoustics CS226 speakers. So, next thing for me is to get a receiver. So, I'm wondering if I can get some suggestions...

My budget can be up to $300.

I've seen some from Pioneer, Yamaha and Denon, but can't get to decide myself on the brand and model (Yamaha seems to be my preference for now).

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First off, I'm no expert, so hopefully others will chime in...

You'll probably want an AVR that does bi-amping since those will handle up to 250w RMS (according to Crutchfield, anyway). Other than that, figure out what will meet your needs.

For $300, you'll probably need to look at a refurb or used. I say that b/c you want 7.1 + you'll probably need more than your standard watts/per channel to push the BA's to their potential. You might look for a good used 9.2 AVR w/ 100-110 watts per channel @ 8ohms. Onkyo, Denon, and Yahama seem to be the frontrunners around here.
Well...since I'm putting them in a not so big room, maybe I should go for 5.1 and later in a bigger room do 7.1.

Although I found this one on sale:

Denon AVR1611

But, maybe I should go for 5.1 with something like a Pioneer VSX-521-K...

I need to research a little bit more about the pros/cons/features of 5.1, 7.1, 9.2...
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First off, bi-amping with just the AVR is pointless and will provide no additional power, nor any better audio quality .. it's just a marketing feature on AVRs that should have been discontinued long ago. Also, those speakers won't be that hard to drive and will actually use

You can learn more about the Denon XX12 model AVRs by clicking on the link in my sig. Although for
Great link about Denon AVRs! Guys, thanks for your advice and insights...I'll look into these and look for a good deal...
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