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I'm completely new to the audio world, however a new home has sparked an interest in a home theater system. This will be for the main living room, approximately 15' x 21' with 10' vaulted ceilings. After doing some research and working with local audio stores, I've been recommended the following:

Mythos 1 floor speakers (x2)

Mythos 9 center speaker

Mythos Gem surrounds (x2)

Supercube 3

Denon AVR1911

I'd occasionally turn the volume up for movie nights and misc music, however what I'd would really like to get is a crisp clear sound when listening at lower levels.

I know the best way to go is what sounds best to me, however I have a hard time telling much of a difference between speakers or receivers when listening in demo rooms. I'd like to know if any of these items are subpar or match up well together. Other thoughts about this setup?


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The 'key' to good intelligability at low volumes is the center channel speaker by design.....and while the DefTechs 'look' impressive the speaker fails by design in that it introduces multiple horizontal lobes on and off axis due to the driver placement.

Slim line mains have their advantage when executed properly with better than average imaging when properly placed from front and side walls like any other speaker system

Your dealer should be advising you based on your intended placement of the speakers first as this will be at least 50% of the deciding performance factor. A picture or drawing with some dimensiona' explanations would help.
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