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Receiver for music listening

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I want to build a hifi for my room. I want to get the paradigm atoms to go with the receiver..

I realize most people here use their receivers for home theatre. however i'm not sure if that criteria would apply for just 2 channelled music.

So i need some recommendations. Under $300 cdn.
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or is any home theatre receiver fine?
under $300 look for HK. New would probably be over your budget but you can find them refurbished on ebay from Harman Kardon Direct auctions with full warranty. HK is widely thought of as having the best SQ at the price point.
okay, i'll take a look at their line.

i've seen people with an integrated amp from pioneer. the A-35R.

it seems affordable..

Anyone know where I can pick one up in Toronto?
I've been impressed with the musical quality of Marantz's receivers. Both of the Marantz receivers I've owned (SR-19, currently SR-9600) have been fantastic for music in 2-channel mode. You might be able to find a refurb or used Marantz within your price range. Worth a listen, IMO...

Originally Posted by geestring /forum/post/12858292

or NAD amps

On a $300 budget. I'd be interested in that one.
If you are only looking for 2 channel performance, why pay for things you don't want. Look at 2ch receivers like these

Onkyo TX-8222 or the TX-8522

Denon DRA-397

Harman Kardon HK-3385

Marantz SR 4021

You may want to hit up audiogon for some other brands that will fit your budget because they are used, like adcom or nad.
True, if you know you won't be going over 2 channels, look for a good 2 channel receiver or amp.
the txsr305 is the best sounding Onkyo receiver for around 200 bucks. im blown away with the quality , i have sony floorstanding speakers and the bass shakes my house. its amazing.
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