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I'm stumped on if my receiver has gone bad.

My cable box is connected via component cables to my Yamaha RX-V567 with HDMI out on the receiver going to the tv. I noticed last night that my TV would go blank, come back on a second later and display in the top corner the input name and signal but the audio would continuously play (losing signal). I can't pinpoint exactly when it happens but it appears that once it starts happening, it just gets worse and happens more often. (If I had to pick, I'd say during busier scenes, cut aways, and when I hit the DVR menu button to come up on my scientific atlanta box)

I connected the cable box directly to the tv via component and had no issues what so ever. Tried again with another wire to the receiver, but same thing happened with losing signal. I also tried using HDMI from the cable box to the receiver and it worked fine as well.

I need to use component because I need the video to go through my slingbox (yes, I tried to bypass it and same thing) otherwise I'd use HDMI.

Is it possible something is broken? I tried the other component input and it didn't change anything. The HDMI inputs work fine and don't have an issue so I figured it would rule out a HDMI handshake issue?
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