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Receiver Options for a 1200$ Home Theater

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I started on the quest for the 'cool' 1200$ Home Theater System and promptly disconnected my old speakers and Kenwood mini system, so that I will be forced to quickly set up my new HT.

It seems like after a great start, I got lost after the initial turn.

I bought 2 Definitive Mythos 4 speakers for about 400$ (Floor Model). I plan to setup a 5.1 system initially and upgrade to 7.1 later. I plan to use the HDMI from my Satellite Receiver and can either use the component or DVI output from my Bravo DVD player. Both will connect to my Panasonic Plasma display.

My search started with Panasonic XR57 and went to Yamaha RX-V661 and to a few other before I was completely lost as each one seem to have some problem or the other. I am thinking of keeping the receiver price around 400$, so that I have about 400$ for the rest of my speakers.

My Home Theater use is about 70% movies (Standard DVDs and HD via satellite) and 30% music.

I think I can hold on for about a week (max) before my wife and kid force me to put back my old Kenwood Mini system or throw me out of the house.

Any suggestions for the receiver? I am thinking...

Yamaha V661

Denon AVR 1908

Sony DG910 (Not sure how the Sony compares to Yamaha or Denon)
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Those are the usual suggestions, as well as the Onkyo 605 and HK 247. I too am looking for an AVR in this price range, or a little cheaper.
I would definitely look at the Onkyo units... they seem to be the best bang for buck receivers out there right now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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