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Receiver or cable box problem?

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I have a problem when switching between channels, it mostly happen when switching analogue to digital or HDTV or vice-versa.

It seems either the box is dropping the audio signal, or the receiver - HK AVR 430 - doesn't recognize the signal being digital or analogue so it stays for example in Logic 7 mode on a digital channel, when it should move to Dolby PLII (for Dolby 2.0) or to DD 5.1 for encoded movies or shows but anyway I'm getting no audio. Sometimes though I move back and forth and the audio comes back....

The box is by the way the new model SA 8000 HDPVR - it's in ORT - launching probably next month or so. The HK 430 is new (open box but with the original warranty of 2 years).

Any ideea or help would be appreciated.


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It's the AVR 430 that does this, it's a feature that protects your speakers while the audio channels are being decoded. it only happens when you switch audio formats, surfing through most channels should be instant. If you search the forums for "AVR 430" you will see some other comments on this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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