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I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum but I figured this would be best.


The apartment I moved into has a pair of speakers mounted on my living room wall that are wired (behind the wall) into a closet that's 20 feet from my TV & receiver. The speakers are placed well to be used as rear speakers. The only issue is getting the audio to those speakers. Running new wires from the receiver directly to the speakers is not possible as the apartment is a rental and there's no rug/carpet (and I don't want to see wires running across the floor).


Can I connect my Yamaha RX-V375 to a Sonos Connect via a speaker wire to RCA plug cable? There's no speaker wire terminal on the Sonos Connect. Is there an issue sending an amplified signal to the Sonos Connect? The Sonos Connect wirelessly transmits the signal to the Sonos Amp in the closet, which is directly wired to the rear speakers via speaker wire. There would definitely be a delay but I think can adjust it in the receiver.



Is it okay to go from a receiver to a sonos connect via a cable that is speaker wire to RCA?
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