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Hey everyone, first post for me here and i have a problem and need some insight from some experienced users.

I currently have a home theater setup. It consists of a Yamaha HTR6030 Receiver, a 5.1 Pure Acoustics Proxima speaker set.

Now recently, I have been having problems in some movies, where if I'm playing a movie, and there is alot of loud/heavy explosions, basically any high bass sound, my receiver shuts off and when I power it back on, it says "Check SP Cable". Now I've spent about 4 hours stripping cables, re-connecting them, double checking that the negative and positive plugs are set correctly, but nothing. Last, I tried unplugging speakers one by one and discovered that my left speaker was causing this problem to occur.

Now that I had the problem issolated, I tried fixing that cable up, nothing. I tried a different speaker cable, nothing. I tried plugging that speaker into the right speaker plug, same problem. It still powered off. So I think my speaker might be at fault. Thing is, this only happens when playing movies. When I play xbox games, I do not have this problem, only when playing movies from my dvd player, or playing an movie on my xbox 360 using a usb key or something.

I may be answering my own question as I write this, since most of this points to the speaker itself, but because it only happens with movies and not games, I am still doubtful, and hopeful that maybe I can fix this. I can play stuff on low volume, but as soon as I hit -10db and up, this problem occurs.

One last detail, my left speaker did kind of crackle/rattle a bit on heavy bass parts, don't know if this is related, but I ignored it till now, perhaps this problem accumulated over time?

Anyone have similar problems or even solutions. I am very bummed out since I spent alot of time and money and saved up quite a bit to put this home theater together piece by piece. I finally got a blu-ray player today to finalize this beast, and now this problem occurs. Is it worth having the speaker looked at for repairs or should I just get a new one, its manufacturers warranty is expired.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I figured every detail possible would help clarify things.
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