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I'd also look at the Yamaha RX-V667 and Pioneer 1120. Denon's are great, but IMO, the menus can be a little confusing.

In the price range, the Pioneer offers lots of features, and looks like it's fairly heavy (which is good) at around 30lbs.

The Yamaha appears much improved from last year's model (which appeared to use a cheaper power supply).

Features-wise, the Pioneer 1120 offers what's supposed to be a better upscaling/upconverting chip for video, and has an Ethernet Port for Internet radio (although it's not DLNA compliant, and supposedly you can't stream MP3s or Audio from your local network). It also offers more iPod/iPhone integration supposedly.

If you don't care about 3D or aren't planning on jumping on the 3D bandwagon anytime soon, then looking at an older model may make sense. Onecall has some very nice pricing on several models including the Onkyo RC180, which is an SR807 with a few minor features removed (still very hefty at around 40lbs).

In this price range, it's hard to go wrong with any of the AVRs, I don't think any of them are "bad". They just all have their quirks, strengths/weaknesses like anything else.
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