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Receiver to compliment B&W 600 series

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I am looking to upgrade my 5.1H/K AVR500 receiver to a Dolby EX receiver. I would like to stay around the $1000.00 range and I would buy a refurbished unit.

Could anyone recommend a receiver to compliment my B&W speakers:

Fronts: 603

Center: LCR600

Surround: 601

SW: AWS600

I will be adding another set of 601 for the back surrounds

Listening breakdown

10% Music

30% TV

60% Movies

When watching TV I like to use Logic7 if the broadcast is not in 5.1

Thanks, Norm
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I have the exact speaker setup except for the sub (SVS). I just purchased the Yamaha RX-V2400 and have been VERY happy with it so far. Got it online from a "legal" distributor for a couple of hundred less than your $1000 budget.

I'll be adding another set of 601's for the rears as well.

Listen and you'll see;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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