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Ive been using the same Harman Kardon AVR210 for ~10 years now and its probably time for an upgrade. Can you guys give me some suggestions? There are a few specifics that I need and others that would be nice if included.

Must haves:

-Preouts for all channels is a must. I use external amps.

-HDMI switching

-5.1 decoding (DD, DTS)

Nice to haves:

-DLNA playback

-Netflix interface

-6.1, 7.1, DD, DTS, etc...

-Ethernet or serial interface for remote control

-Rack mountable (if not, ill use a rack shelf like is currently holding my H/K

I have always loved this H/K (even though its got its quirks) and would prefer another H/K but im not set on that. I do not care if the unit is 2 years or more old. I don't have to have the latest and greatest. My budget is ~$500

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No AV Receiver has a Netflix interface so you can scratch that one off your list.

you can find that on video devices like Roku, Apply TV, Blu Ray players or Smart TV's.

AVR Receivers with preouts in your $500 price range.

Onkyo NR709

Pioneer SC-1222 will go for $499 a couple times a month

Yamaha RX-A820, $499 with promo code

probably some Pioneer elite models with preouts that might fit your demands. Denon and Marantz receivers with networking and preouts are a little above your budget.
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