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Hi everyone,

I'm a new guy here and spent the past hour searching and digging through the forums looking for an answer to my question without any luck so here goes:

Periodically, my receiver will not send any video signals to my TV until I switch the receiver to another source and shut off the TV and the receiver then turn them back on again.

Here's my setup:

TV: Sony Bravia 46"

Receiver: Sony STR-DN1010 (connected to TV via HDMI out)

HDMI1: Tivo HD

HDMI2: Phillips DVD player


Video1: Nintendo GameCube

Example of the problem:

- Wake up in the morning and go downstairs.

- Turn TV on. Stereo automatically turns on with the previous source selected (usually HDMI1) because I have CEC enabled.

- Audio briefly comes on (about 1 sec) then stops.

- TV displays "no signal"

- HDMI indicator on the stereo flashes (it should be solid)

What usually fixes it:

- With receiver on, set it to HDMI2

- Turn on the DVD player

- Turn off TV (which also turns off the stereo because CEC is enabled)

- Count to 10

- Turn on TV (stereo turns on automatically too)

- Wait for DVD to show up on TV

- Switch back to HDMI1

Sometimes I have to repeat this process 4 or 5 times for it to work and sometimes I have to switch it to a non-HDMI source for this process to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

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